We're moving on up and this year it's full speed ahead toward buying a home. With all of our intent focused on purchasing a house in early 2016, we would love for you to consider an alternative gift for us if you're in the gift-giving mood this year.


As you know, David and I have been globe-trotting since we met. Okay fine, just Northern-Virginia-trotting (until our recent move to New Hampshire of course). You also know that New England has a special little place in our hearts.


We plan on sticking around this area for a while and would love to settle in our own place. What we pay in rent here is more than we could pay for the monthly mortgage on a multi-bedroom single family along the seacoast of New Hampshire.


We want our own home with enough room for us, a home office, a guest bedroom (come visit!), a garage to escape the scary winters, and a yard for the dog and a garden. We can paint the walls orange if we want and hang weird things from the walls. We can scream at the house when something breaks because we'll have to fix it ourselves.


Our research tells us that first-time home buyers should expect to have 5% minimum for a down payment. If we set our purchase limit to a reasonable $250,000, that means we'll need $12,500 in the bank to look like a safer bet to our friendly neighborhood mortgage broker.


We're working hard to reduce our spending, pay down debts, improve our credit scores, and throw money into savings. We've earmarked bonuses and set up budgets. You know, all the fun stuff. We're doing what we can within our means but aren't quite as rich as we'd like to be (yet), so if you're considering giving us a gift for any reason between now and when we buy a house, we would love it if you would consider donating to our down payment registry.


And if you can't or would rather not donate to our down payment registry, just send some good vibes our way when it's time to go mortgage shopping and house shopping. David wants a basement office. Sabrina wants a lake house.

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